asynchronous temporary time zone

a/v installation

La Cité Fertile, Paris

UTC+N - Asynchronous Temporary Time Zone is an evolving collaborative entity, the manifestation of a decentralized, asynchronous and geographically scattered network.  Using local weather data from each contribution's location as its primary material, the installation sonifies information in real-time. The temporality of climatic phenomena encounters the network instantaneity ; the data flow, embodied in a unique space and time.

The decreasing cost of information acquisition and storage led to a multiplication of monitoring sources and modes of recording. "Big Data" marks the advent of a new resource, whose abundance and valorization participate in the creation of a new state of nature, oscillating between the material and the immaterial, between the real and the virtual.

Wild and evanescent, this unconquered territory requires the development of tools and methods needed for its contemplation. UTC+N - Asynchronous Temporary Time Zone is an observatory, a temporary outpost participating in the transformation of this complex ecosystem into a sensory experience - an immersion indifferent to the usual limits of space and time.

Credits :
Sound design in collaboration with DÉSIRÉ, D R  D R A K K E N, jEUNE fAUNE, Shayu
Video by Lambert Duchesne
Set design in collaboration with Victor Ronné