Artworks for music releases, events and radios


Bademjan & Griigg - Dioramas (2022)


DEEjAY f & GRIG - Dune Tune (Club Late Music, 2020)

GRIG - LOST&FOUND 14-19 (2020)

V/A - TINNITVS (Club Late Music, 2020)
w/ Robin Lopvet and Gourau & Phong

GRIG - Interbeings (Club Late Music, 2019)

HERBARIUM - СВЕЖЕСТЬ (Eco Futurism Corporation, 2018)

M. TouNu - L'Amour Toujours (2018)

V/A - Christmas Repack (Club Late Music, 2018)


Internet Public Radio, 2020

Seoul Community Radio, 2019

Stock71, 2019

Rinse France, 2019

Rinse France, 2018

Rinse France, 2018


CLM x GUN @ALG, Paris (Club Late Music, 2021)
w/ Gourau & Phong

Club Late Night @International, Paris (Club Late Music, 2019)

71-hhclms @Mains d'Oeuvres, Saint-Ouen (High Heal / Stock71 / Club Late Music, 2019)
w/ Lilian Hardouineau

Plage Club x Club Late Music @Trinitaires, Metz (Plage Club / Club Late Music, 2019)
w/ medieval_cortex


rimani (if you can)

animation - 21’57

Animation and editing for RIMANI (If You Can), a performance by SpotFlow Collective at The Place, London. Artworks and scenography by Alessandro Cugola.

sharing water

with Paul Garcias
documentary - 25'50

Video documentary to introduce the discussions among local actors of the Water Development and Management Scheme (SAGE) of the Ariege Pyrenees, going over the different issues and stakes of the water resource management - from potable water or electricity production to biodiversity protection or agricultural needs.

Made with Paul Garcias.
Produced by Commission Locale de l'Eau.
Written by Charles Peyrat (SAGE) and Bruno Coupry (Eaucéa).


art - 09'35

Video version of Interbeings, presented as part of Mock Jungle - Traffic ON! by metochè at DAS Bologna in February 2020.

les félûres de mon âme

animation - 1’00 

Title design and animation for “Les fêlures de mon âme”, a short movie directed by Andres Komatsu.


Modeling, animation and rendering for architecture and set design visualization, creative studios, artists, brands and institutions.

Portfolio available upon request


Personal experiments & xtra