narrative audiovisual mix series

with CLMxGUN
2021 - ongoing

Developed via Club Late Music x Global URL Nation, Ghostwares is a narrative audiovisual mix series introducing virtual creatures, sentient beings, ancestral spirits or forgotten deities that inhabit and navigate through the network and other intricate layers of our technological ecosystem.

For each episode, two members of the Global URL Nation - a musician and a visual artist - pair together to produce a music video with an emphasis on storytelling.

From figurative representations to more abstract interpretations, the series then builds a sort of bestiary, where each episode introduces an entity, with its own sonic and visual characteristics, and its own personality. Over the years, it will seek to create a multidimensional environment, an imaginary landscape welcoming these mysterious creatures - an interface between their respective worlds, and ours.

Intro sequence in collaboration with alpha_rats.

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