here be dragons

for Jérôme Cortie
Installation / Video game
Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing

Soundtrack and sound design for the multiplayer installation created by Jérôme Cortie, produced by Le Fresnoy.

︎︎︎ OST Album

can dogs save the world

for Gourau Phong
AR artwork
Grand Palais Ephémère, Paris

Sound design and music for Gourau Phong’s AR piece “Can Dogs Save the World?”, presented at Palais Augmenté 2   in Paris.


for Jérôme Cortie
Short movie (15’)
Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing

Sound design and music with Julia Stern for Jérôme Cortie’s short movie “Paradise”, produced by Le Fresnoy.

Selected as part of 100% L’EXPO 2023 in La Villette, Paris.

là d’où je viens

for Robin Lopvet
Video installation
Corner Gallery, Epinal

Sound editing and sound design for Robin Lopvet's video “Là d'où je viens”, exhibited at Corner Gallery in Epinal.


for Théotim Hunaut

Mix for "Döppelganger - Bridget", diploma project of Théotim Hunaut about alternatives realities and the possible bridges that can exist between them.

firewall with me

for alpha_rats & Vladimir Storm
VR artwork
Lazer Quest x DOC, Paris 

Sound design and music for "Firewall with me", a mixed reality experience by Vladimir Storm and alpha_rats for the FIREWALL WITH ME exhibition, curated by Lazer Quest at DOC, Paris in November 2018.